6 Surprising Ways To Use Your Tea

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6 Surprising Ways To Use Your Tea

6 Surprising Ways To Use Your Tea

It has recently become apparent to me that, for some strange reason, some people don't like the taste of tea. I know it's odd, right? But those people can be forgiven because they have probably only tasted tea found in teabags at the supermarket. They have never relished the real taste of tea brewed from quality loose-leaf tea, like us lucky people.

The thing is, even if you don't like tea, there is no excuse not to buy some. Tea has a versatility that only a few are aware of, but don't worry, I'm here to spread the word and will share six surprising ways you could use tea, and I promise not to mention a teapot once - except just then, obviously. 

Anyway, six surprising ways to use tea:


Make A Tea Marinade For Meat

Using tea to marinate meat gives a wonderful, vigorous flavour and the tannins in tea help tenderise your meat. 

Marinate your meat overnight in the fridge using tea along with your favourite herbs.

Tea may also help to reduce potentially carcinogenic compounds in meat. 


Use Tea As A Natural Fertiliser

That's right, tea is full of excellent nutrients, so why not share some tea love with your garden. Add dry or used leaves directly to your flower or vegetable beds or add used leaves to your compost. You can even add tea to your house plants - they will love you for it.


Stop The Bleeding Tea

Applying tea to shaving cuts and nicks can help stop the bleeding, due to the Tannic acid in tea. The tannins are also useful in soothing irritations like acne, sunburn, insect bites, razor rash, etc. Sadly, it will do nothing to eradicate the irritation caused by your spouse!


Get On Your Knees

Clean your hardwood floors and wooden furniture. Steep two teaspoons of tea, or two teabags, in boiling water for a few minutes, apply using a soft cloth, allow to dry and then wash the floor or polish your furniture with a dry cloth. The tannic acid in the tea will create a beautiful shine.


Eliminate Foot Odours

Clearly, this tip is not for you, but if you know someone who experiences less than pleasant smelling feet, then a tea foot bath or spa can help to eliminate odours.

Boil 3 to 4 teaspoons of tea (or tea bags) in boiling water for 10 minutes. Let it cool for 10 - 15 minutes and then soak your washed feet in it for 25-30 minutes. Dry without rinsing. Do this twice a week. 

This method has worked wonders for my wife's feet; they smell much less these days. She'll kill me if/when she reads this.


Love Is In The Hair

Use brewed tea, allowed to cool, as a hair rinse, after using shampoo and conditioner, for the radiant, glossy hair that will have coffee drinkers jealous. Rumours abound that the caffeine in tea can help hair regrowth; however, evidence of my tall forehead would suggest otherwise.


So there you have six more reasons to stock up on tea, but don't forget, it makes a great healthy drink too.

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28 June 2020  |  0:47

In these days when it is fashionable to be horrible about the British Empire, I would like to mention one great contribution we made to India, British Army tea. I have visited tea plantations in many parts of India including Assam and Darjeeling. But what fascinates me most is the roadside chai brewed by pavement sellers, based on the Army's old recipe. Hot tea leaves are boiled in in condensed milk, not water, to make a thick, sweet, creamy brew. The Indian adaptation is to pour it from a great height, with an outstretched arm above the pourer's head, into a single use clay cup. The making of millions of clay cups a year, and the remaking of them from broken ones, provides a living for a large number of Indian families.

28 June 2020  |  13:58

Thank you for your comment, Jane.
I have had the pleasure of drinking this wonderful sweet chai, but sadly not in India.
Many years ago I worked for a company with mainly Indian staff and there was always a huge pan of this tea brewing away - delicious. Although, not great for my diabetes :)