No-Fuss Black Tea in Brief

22 April 2020  |  Ken

No-fuss Black Tea In Brief

No-Fuss Black Tea in Brief

Black tea is the most robust tea in terms of flavour, and the following gives you a brief insight into the journey of a humble tea leaf of the Camelia Sinensis (tea) plant, on its way to becoming a delicious beverage full of health benefits.


  1. The fresh tea leaves are plucked at the plantation.
  2. These leaves are left to wither in the sun, generally for between 8 to a full 24 hours. This encourages the evaporation of most of the moisture in the leaves.
  3. There is then a process of rolling and bruising the leaves. This breaks the surface area of the leaves allowing oxygen to react with the leaves enzymes, starting the natural oxidisation process. This is similar to slicing an apple in two and oxidisation causes the apple to turn brown.
  4. There are around 4-5 hours for which the leaves are left to oxidise, causing them to turn from green to a coppery red or brown colour.
  5. At this stage, the leaves are quickly dried to halt the natural oxidisation. This process once more changes their colour to black, hence the name 'Black Tea'.
  6. The final process involves sorting the tea and grading it.


This 6 step process is a straightforward and concise explanation of what occurs to change the original tea leaf into a 'black tea'. 

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