Why Tea is the Perfect Vegan Drink

3 June 2020  |  Ken

Why Tea is the Perfect Vegan Drink

It's a common misconception that a vegan diet is restrictive. In fact, going vegan opens up a whole menu of exciting flavours - not just with foods but with beverages too! What's more, if a food or drink isn't already vegan, it can often be made suitable with a simple ingredient switcheroo. As for your beloved cuppa, it can be mixed with your choice of plant-based milk to create the perfect vegan drink. 


What Does Being Vegan Mean?

Vegans don't consume any meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey or any other animal-derived products. Strict vegans also shun materials such as leather, silk and fur in favour of cruelty-free alternatives. They may use eco-friendly materials instead of ones that harm the planet, such as plastic, and buy only products that are not tested on animals. 


Is Tea Vegan?

Most of the teas at Steeping Times are suitable for vegans; the exceptions being any blends that contain chocolate, caramel, honey or yoghurt. On every product page, you'll find an ingredients list so you can easily make an informed choice.

Not only does Steeping Times cater for a vegan diet, but the teas also align with other vegan-inspired values. The blends are made using natural, plant-derived ingredients that have health-boosting properties. Sipping tea allows for a moment of mindfulness, which is great for your spiritual wellbeing. And because Steeping Times teas are loose-leaf, they don't come in annoyingly non-compostable, plastic-riddled teabags.


Vegan Tea is Perfect - Any Way You Drink it!

When it comes to a cup of the black stuff (or green, or fruity, or floral stuff), you may prefer to sip it au naturel. Alternatively, you may wish to add plant milk such as soya, oat, rice, coconut, hemp or almond. Tea can be - and should be - made to your personal taste. You may have to experiment to find the right combo, but that's all part of the fun of tea!


And You?

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