Gunpowder Organic Green Tea
Gunpowder Organic Green TeaGunpowder Organic Green TeaGunpowder Organic Green Tea

Gunpowder Organic Green Tea


Tea Type  Green Tea
Origin  China
Organic  Yes
Contains Caffeine  Yes
Weight  100g Loose Leaf Tea

Our Price:  €6.50(VAT Free)



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Organic Gunpowder Green Tea


Boom! Pow! Thwap! As the name suggests, this is one heck of a punchy brew! The robust, invigorating flavour of our gunpowder tea would make even Guy Fawkes blush. Relax though, folks; it's not really made from gunpowder! The green tea leaves are rolled into compact pellets that "explode" when added to water, hence the name. 

Put some fire in your belly for the day ahead by drinking our gunpowder green tea each morning. You'll kick-start your senses, blaze through tasks and sparkle at every opportunity! So grab the keg - oops, we mean kettle - and get your day off to a dynamite start. 


For the perfect cup of green tea, be sure to check out our brewing guides.

Quantity of tea

per person/cup:

Water temperature for tea

water temperature:

Steeping Time

steeping time:

Possible Infusions

possible infusions:

1 heaped tsp (4-5g) 87°C / 190°F

2 minutes



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