Japanese Genmaicha
Japanese GenmaichaJapanese GenmaichaJapanese Genmaicha

Japanese Genmaicha


Tea Type  Green Tea
Origin  Japan
Contains Caffeine  Yes
Weight  100g Loose Leaf Tea

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Japanese Genmaicha Green Tea


That name may be a mouthful, but the tea itself is smooth on the tongue! Genmaicha is a curiously satisfying blend of bancha loose leaf green tea and roasted brown rice. Trust us, it works. It's a fresh and unique brew with a hint of nuttiness, just like that best friend you've had since high school. 

For an authentic experience and a deeper appreciation of this flavourful tea, sip it with or after a meal (Kimonos and Zen vibes optional). The tea will cleanse your palate and revive your senses, rounding off your dinner or readying you for the next course, perhaps. 

This is one of my favourite teas! (Ken)

If you drink it cold with ice, it is a good idea to make the ice cubes with the tea too, so that the taste isn’t watered down.


For the perfect cup of green tea, be sure to check out our brewing guides.

Quantity of tea

per person/200ml cup:

Water temperature for tea

water temperature:

Steeping Time

steeping time:

Possible Infusions

possible infusions:

1 heaped tsp (4.5g) 100°C / 212°F

15 - 30 seconds



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