Natural Lemongrass Tea
Natural Lemongrass TeaNatural Lemongrass TeaNatural Lemongrass Tea

Natural Lemongrass Tea


Tea Type  Tisane/Infusion
Origin  Various
Contains Caffeine  No
Weight  50g Loose Leaf Tea

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Natural lemongrass Tea


You may be familiar with lemongrass from your Thai takeaways (guilty). Still, this characterful herb is not just for zesting-up curries, oh no. Here, we've taken its fresh zing and distinctively exotic flavour to create the most lip-smacking, thirst-quenching lemongrass tea. Inhale deeply to enjoy its vivacious scent and chirpy citrus pop!

This is a natural tisane with no frills or flowers added. It may look like your guinea pigs' dinner, but it tastes like an actual ray of sunshine. You'll feel perky, focused and refreshed from the very first sip, even on Mondays, hump days and energy-slump-alert days. 

For the perfect cup of mint infusion, be sure to check out our brewing guides.

Quantity of tea

per person/200ml cup:

Water temperature for tea

water temperature:

Steeping Time

steeping time:

Possible Infusions

possible infusions:

1 heaped tsp (3-4g) 100°C / 212°F

5-10 minutes



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