Natural Stinging Nettle Tea
Natural Stinging Nettle TeaNatural Stinging Nettle TeaNatural Stinging Nettle Tea

Natural Stinging Nettle Tea


Tea Type  Tisane/Infusion
Origin  Various
Contains Caffeine  No
Weight  50g Loose Leaf Tea

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Stinging Nettle Tea


OK, we admit that the name of this tea may conjure childhood memories of falling off your bike into a patch of burning hell. But rest assured not-so-adventurous tea-lovers: this is a pleasantly drinkable tisane with no sting in the tail. You can gulp down our stinging nettle tea without having to reach for your mum's "magic cream" afterwards. 

Nettle tea is both earthy and sweet with herbal notes and hints of spinach. Nettle offers numerous health benefits too! So drink up, and you're guaranteed to feel better than that time you landed in a bush of the stuff. 


For the perfect cup of infusion, be sure to check out our brewing guides.

Quantity of tea

per person/200ml cup:

Water temperature for tea

water temperature:

Steeping Time

steeping time:

Possible Infusions

possible infusions:

1 heaped tsp (3-4g) 100°C / 212°F

5-10 minutes



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